Mediation & Arbitration

In mediation, a neutral third party meets jointly with parties to a pending or contemplated the dispute in order to reach an agreed-upon conclusion. The mediator assists the disputants in identifying true issues in controversy and facilitates the creation of a resolution to the conflict. Mediation is generally a voluntary process the has the benefits of being confidential, cooperative, cost effective, and less time consuming than litigation. Mediatedoutcomes allow parties to direct the resolution of their dispute and are, therefore, more likely to be satisfactory to both parties.

Our attorney-mediators are recognized by their peers for the strength and effectiveness of their mediation skills. Their comprehensive knowledge of litigation, claims and the courts allows them to provide meaningful insight and assessment to both parties throughout the mediation process.

Arbitration is process under which parties to a dispute agree to present their dispute to a neutral third party. The process is more formal than mediationin that the third party neutral presides over a formal hearing at which evidence is presented, arguments are made, and a legally binding decision is rendered. Arbitration is generally a voluntary process and it is generally less expensive and time consuming than litigation. Other attorneys look to Craig, Terrill, Hale & Grantham, L.L.P. to provide arbitration services that work. We use our understanding of the law to reach decisions that reflect the legitimacy of the claim and local standard of causation, compensation and credibility.

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